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Fun, not fights

How Sakura Judo Club does judo

Sakura Judo offers a friendly and supportive environment and welcomes judo players of all levels, especially beginners.  At Sakura…

Teaching is our specialty!

  • USA Judo State Coach Certified
  • Certified in Safe Sport Training & Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Training
  • Anne’s master’s degree in education gives her
    • Understanding of how people learn
    • Understanding of curriculum design
    • Experience working with people with special needs

We maximize judo’s natural benefits for people who have balance, sensory, or coordination issues.  Judo can really help with these things, and we make a point of playing up judo’s opportunities and welcoming people who could benefit from them.

We have small classes to give plenty of attention to each club member. 

We concentrate on doing judo, not on winning trophies.  Our goals are to enjoy judo, to learn skills, to make friends, to build a lifetime of healthy habits. It isn’t about anybody beating anybody else, and it isn’t about “making the cut.” There is no “cut.”

Read about Sakura Judo classes.


Judo is not an expensive sport.  Belonging to Sakura Judo costs only $100 per month.  We have no contracts and no sign-up fees. You have three payment choices:

  • Try it for one week for free.
  • Pay for three months and get one month free!
  • Pay for six months and get three months free!!

Your membership fee covers:

  • Tuition for classes
  • Membership in a national judo organization
  • Insurance
  • All testing and promotion fees
  • All sign-up fees


What does “sakura” mean?

Sakura is the Japanese word for “cherry blossom”

Cherry blossoms are a powerful symbol because they are fragile and strong at the same time.  In fact, they are strong because they are fragile.

The legend is that Samurai warriors did not fear death. They were ready to give their lives to accomplish their goal. This fearlessness made them terribly dangerous to their enemies.  So, the downfall of a Samurai, his death, was the very thing that made him so strong.   

Cherry blossoms are most beautiful as they fall from the trees and scatter in the wind.  Like Samurai, it is in the falling that they become what they are.  It is their vulnerability that makes them powerful.

Cherry blossoms have many symbolic meanings:

  • As flowers, they stand for the cycle of life, death, and especially rebirth.
  • They are a Japanese national symbol, similar to the eagle in the U.S.
  • The Japanese flag, like a cherry blossom, is white with a red circle in the middle.
  • The spot of red in the middle of a white cherry blossom represents blood. The blood itself simultaneously represents both life and death.

Judo is like a cherry blossom in that you win by giving way.  Softness controls hardness.  It is falling back that lets a judo player triumph.

And judo is rooted in Samurai tradition, which brings us full circle.


We have a great facility!

  • Two layers of mats, for safe falls
    • Low-density bottom layer for soft falls
    • Stiff top layer, so you don’t sink in
    • Special surface to reduce mat burn
  • Full locker rooms & showers
  • Building offers dance, soccer, basketball, volleyball, Anytime Fitness, Burn Bootcamp
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at hand
  • Plenty of off-street parking
Anne Strauss

Anne Strauss

Sakura Judo Club founder

About our founder

Sakura Judo Club’s founder, Anne Strauss, has been playing judo since 1977, and now holds the rank of first-degree Black Belt.  She is certified as a state-level judo coach with USA Judo.  She has participated in tournaments, occasionally winning, and has recently come to appreciate and love the set of judo routines called kata.  (Ask her to tell you what kata is and how you can do it too.)  

Anne has two kids and a master’s degree in education.


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