Sakura Judo Club

 The gentle way toward your best self

Judo is fun!


  • We welcome every ability, body type, and experience level.
  • The point is to play!  Winning trophies is nice but is not the point.
  • We support all types of success.


Judo is safe!


  • We learn how to fall safely.
  • We are careful with each other.
  • We learn body awareness.
  • We respect each other’s special needs.




We learn and grow together!


  • We learn how to be good training partners.
  • We learn how to coach each other.
  • We encourage all types of success!
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Emotional


Classes at Sakura Judo are fun, inclusive, and great for people of all abilities. We welcome people of any level of experience, especially beginners. We have three age groups, for age appropriate learning. Learn more…

Belt levels

Everybody starts with a white belt, and progresses through color levels.  It is said that when you make it to black belt, you have just begun the real adventure!  To earn a promotion, students contribute to the class, learn to be a good training partner, and perform the mental and physical techniques of judo. Learn more…

Our judo philosophy

We follow the philosophy of the original founder of Judo, Dr. Jigoro Kano.  Judo is about:

  • Using your strength efficiently
  • Mutual benefit for each person and for the whole group
  • Becoming the best version of yourself, so you can contribute to the world

Learn how we do judo at Sakura Judo Club

Ready to find your best self?